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Dan Verrall: Big Smile, Big Heart

With his big smile and big heart, Dan has made nothing but friends all his life. An accomplished mountaineer, Dan worked 22 years for the Alpine Club of Canada, first taking care of the Canmore Clubhouse then taking care of the many ACC huts. Today, he is still brought back, out of retirement, to handle tricky jobs for the club.

Described as humble, loyal, hard working, friendly, genuine, smart, sweet and versatile, Dan is always smiling even when the going gets tough.

Lavishly illustrated in colour, soft cover, 8.5"x11", 44 pp.

Cost: $13.00 + Postage

Mount Assiniboine — The Story

This coffee table book contains the history of Mount Assiniboine and area, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It is the story of the discovery of the area by white men, the climbing of the mountain, the survey of the Continental Divide, the creation of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and the construction of the lodge. It is a story of climbers, mountain guides, cowboys, surveyors, skiers, park rangers and many other lovers of this beautiful place. James Outram, A.O. Wheeler, Marquis d’Albizzi, Erling Strom, Lizzie Rummel, Sepp and Barb Renner, Andre Renner, Claude Duchesne and Annick Blouin; they are all here.

Lavishly illustrated, 5 lbs., in colour, hard cover, 9”x12”, 336 pages.

Cost $75.00 plus GST and shipping. Please order this book through Mount Assiniboine Lodge


A Life in the Wild, The Story of Mountain Explorer John Baldwin

Known affectionately to his friends as the King of the Coast Range, John Baldwin has spent his life in a quest to experience the west coast wilderness. Since his teenage years he has made about one hundred multi-week long distance forays across the icefields and along the ridges of what is one of the last true wilderness areas on earth. Shunning the easy path, John has forged his own way through some of the toughest geography on the planet. He is a mountaineer and explorer of the first order.

Intelligent, polite, considerate and friendly, John Baldwin is the embodiment of the west coast ethic of simple and environmentally responsible exploration.

Lavishly illustrated in colour, soft cover, 8.5"x11", 44 pp.

Cost: $13.00 + Postage

Hans Gmoser Film Collection

Between 1957 and 1968 Hans Gmoser created ten films of mountain adventure which he toured around North America. For almost fifty years now these films have been unavailable for general viewing, the celluloid originals safely stored in the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

Marg Saul and Chic Scott with the assistance of film-maker Will Schmidt have lovingly restored these films, adding voice and music. It is now possible to experience the magic of Hans’ films just as they were so long ago. In addition 14 interviews were conducted with the men and women who starred in the films and these are included on the DVDs

Set of 10 DVDs (total viewing time, 20 hours) $100.00 + postage.

Mountain Romantics
The White/Whytes of Banff

This book tells the story of the White/Whyte family of Banff — pioneers Dave and Annie who created a successful mercantile business in Banff, their son Cliff who played a major role in creating the Mount Norquay ski resort and Skoki Lodge, his brother Peter and his wife Catharine who became two of the most famous artists of the Canadian Rockies, Clifford Jackson White and his wife Bev who created modern Sunshine Village Ski Resort, Jon Whyte the poet and historian and Cliffy, Brad and Tristan White who have had distinguished careers in the Warden Service and the tourist industry.

This book tells the story of one of the most unique towns in Canada, through its ups and downs, and the colourful characters who have called Banff home.

Lavishly illustrated 11”x9”, hard cover, 232 pp B&W, 48 pp colour

Cost: $20.00 + Postage

The Book of Mortimer
Celebrating a Life of Volunteerism

No one has volunteered more time and energy to Canada’s mountain community and to the Alpine Club of Canada than Mike and Heather Mortimer. Beginning their careers as newsletter editors of the Calgary Section of the ACC, Mike and Heather eventually became president and first lady of the UIAA (International Union of Alpine Associations).

Along the way they have organized Mountain Safety Conferences, built the Bow Hut on the Wapta Icefield and organized the Alpine Club of Canada’s Centennial Celebration. This book tells their story.

Lavishly illustrated in colour, soft cover, 8.5”x11”, 40 pp.

Cost: $13.00 + Postage

Tommy and Lawrence
The Ways and the Trails of Lake O'Hara

In 2010 Assiniboine Publishing undertook to reissue, on behalf of the Lake O'Hara Trails Club, Tommy and Lawrence, the Ways and the Trails of Lake O'Hara. Published originally in 1983, this book tells the story of George K. K. 'Tommy' Link and Lorenzo 'Lawrence' Grassi, the two colourful individuals who designed and built the majority of the trails at Lake O'Hara.

No digital material was available from the first edition so it was necessary to completely rebuild the book adding many new photographs and a map of the Lake O'Hara region.

5.5"x8.5", soft cover, 88 pp B&W, 16 pp colour

Cost: $13.00 + Postage

Young at Heart
The Inspirational Lives of Richard and Louise Guy

Do you think that you are over the hill? You have retired and you feel there is not much more to look forward to. Well think again! This book about the inspirational lives of Richard and Louise Guy, will show you that there is a great deal of life beyond the set retirement age of 65 — and beyond 75 and beyond 85.

Arriving in Canada in 1965, near the age of 50, Richard and Louise Guy taught all of us what it means to be enthusiastic, positive and to embrace life. They climbed mountains well into their nineties, and Richard still works today at the age of 96. Louise rode her bike to the corner store until she was 92.

So stop your whining about your knees and hips! Life was never meant to be easy! But it can still be beautiful, long past the so-called age of youth and dreams. Life into old age can be a treasure to be enjoyed and shared. And if you are like Richard and Louise, the adventures and dreams just keep coming.

Lavishly illustrated in colour, 8.5”x11”, 40 pp.

Cost: $13.00 + Postage


Deep Powder and Steep Rock (hard cover edition)
The Life of Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser

Hans Gmoser played a major role in creating Canada’s vibrant mountain community. Although known internationally as the father of heli-skiing, he was much more than that: a talented rock climber, tireless expedition leader, a mountain guide, film maker and organizer.

Deep Powder and Steep Rock presents an intimate portrait of this charismatic man. Much of the story is told in Gmoser’s own words, gleaned from his diaries, expedition journals, film commentaries and personal correspondence. It is a unique tale of adventure, hard work, perseverance and ultimate success.

Special Hardcover Edition with enclosed DVD of three Hans Gmoser film.


Deep Powder and Steep Rock (soft cover edition)
The Life of Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser

Now available in soft cover, Deep Powder and Steep Rock tells the story of the adventurous life of mountain guide Hans Gmoser. This is the same book as the sold-out hard cover edition but without the DVD of films.

6”x9” 346 pp.

Cost: $25.00 + shipping


Pushing the Limits
The Story of Canadian Mountaineering

This is the work of a lifetime. It tells the story of Canada’s 200 year mountaineering history from the early pioneers to modern day climbing athletes. Discover the story of Canadian climbing from the crags to the gyms, from Squamish to Val David and from the Yukon to the Rockies.

Read about the Swiss guides hired by Canadian Pacific Hotels who ushered in the glory years of the first ascents. Discover the British and American men of leisure who struggled with the wilderness to reach the summits and unravel the complex geography. Learn about the European immigrants of the 1950s who pushed the limits on the rock walls and the Americans who led the search for frightening new routes on the north faces. Join the British expatriates as they pioneer the exciting new sport of waterfall ice climbing. Then witness the popular growth in sport climbing both on the crags and in the gyms.

Finally discover how home grown Canadian climbers, initially slow to take up the challenge of mountaineering, have become world leaders in the sport.

Lavishly illustrated with over 600 photographs. 8.5”X11”, 440pp, hard cover, colour and BW.



Powder Pioneers
Ski Stories from the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains.

Discover the rich history of skiing in the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia. From the early ski jumpers at Revelstoke, through the birth of the backcountry lodges and ski resorts to the heli-skiers and snowboarders of today, the stories are all here.

Richly illustrated with 160 colour and B&W photos, 7”x9”, 240 pp.


The Yam
50 Years of Climbing on Yamnuska
by Chic Scott, Dave Dornian and Ben Gadd.

This is the story of climbing on Yamnuska, the prominent wall of yellow limestone rising above the Trans Canada Highway between Calgary and Banff. All the tales of adventure are here, from the first pioneering climbs by Hans Gmoser and his companions in the early 1950s to the new routes of today.

Over the years many of the great climbers of the Rockies have been associated with this cliff: Brian Greenwood, Don Vockeroth, Lloyd MacKay, Billy Davidson, Urs Kallen, John Lauchlan, Dave Cheesmond, Jeff Marshall, Steve DeMaio and Andy Genereux. Also included in the book is a guide to the hike up the back side trail to the summit, detailing the flora and fauna you will see along the way.

7"x10", 184 pp, colour and b&w photos.

Cost: $25.00 + Postage

Summits and Icefields

These are your dream books; “When the first snows fly in November, sit down in front of the fire and dream of endless powder slopes, dazzling icefields and wilderness cabins under northern lights.” Couloir Magazine called Summits and Icefields “The best guidebook yet published in North America.”

Now available in two volumes (The Canadian Rockies and The Columbia Mountains) these books are a skier's guide to Rogers Pass, the classic ski ascents of the Rockies, the backcountry lodges, the grand traverses and much, much more. They also contain a taste of the exciting ski history of these ranges.

Illustrated with photographs and maps.

5”x7”, 344 pp (The Canadian Rockies), 352 pp (The Columbia Mountains).

Cost: $30.00 each volume + Postage



Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies

The classic guidebook to cross country ski trails in Waterton, Banff, Kootenay, Yoho and Jasper National Parks as well as Mount Assiniboine and Mount Robson Provincial Parks and Kananaskis Country, now greatly expanded to includes ski trails in the front ranges of the Rockies, in the Crowsnest Pass and in the Columbia Valley. Jointly authored with Darren Farley.

This book also covers topics such as accommodation, regulations, weather and snow conditions.

5”x7” 376 pp.

Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs and maps

Cost: $30.00 + postage

The History of the Calgary Mountain Club
Its Members and Their Activities 1960-1986

This was Chic’s first attempt at book writing. Privately published in 1987 only 150 copies were produced. Another 200 copies of this book have just been printed and are now available for sale.

The book contains 17 pages of written history, 20 pages of photographs and 341 pages of photocopied newspaper clippings that tell the story of the club and the era.

8.5” x 11” 384 pages

Cost: $40.00 + Postage


Self Published in 1988 by Chic Scott this glossy journal contains stories by leading world mountaineers such as Greg Child, Jim Bridwell, Marc Twight and Voytek Kurtyka.

Of special note are half a dozen articles on winter alpinism in the Canadian Rockies by the likes of Barry Blanchard, Ward Robinson and Ken Wallator.

Copies are still available.

8.5”X11”, 72pp

Cost: $15.00 + Postage